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Healthy Muesli Recipe

I have been on a mission to reduce sugar in my diet while adding more fibre. I came across this recipe for a granola style muesli which keeps really well in tupperware containers and tastes great with natural low fat greek yoghurt and some stewed apple with cinnamon.

Let me know if you give it a try!


250g porridge oats

50ml olive oil

25ml maple syrup

50g flaked almonds/ 50g pumpkin seed/50g chia seeds/50g sunflower seeds


Mix maple syrup and oil. Mix oats, nuts and seeds in a bowl.

Add oil mixture to oats mixture. 

Bake at 160C for 30 mins , stir every 10 mins to prevent burning.

Serve 2 tablespoons with berries or any fruit you like with natural greek yoghurt.